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T-stand is a multi-purpose stand which is made with genuine Tatami materials.Using natural plant material called "Igusa(い草)", it gives off gentle relaxing fragrance.
As time goes by, its color will change to light golden brown.



Most type of tablet-type devices can fit in. Also perfect for displaying a book or a picture.


=Product Size=

Hight : 6.5cm

Width : 27cm

Depth : 9.5cm

Weight : 330g



=About Us=

Tatami has been playing a central roll in Japanese culture for around 1300years. 
However, there are fewer Tatami rooms as lifestyle has been gradually westernized.

This brand "193"(Igusa) was established to spread universal velue and beauty of Tatami through simple products which fit in the modern style of living.
Each product carefully handcrafted in a factory that have been making Tatami for more than 70 years.

Balanced in simplisity and utility, the form of T-stand obtains design registration in Japan. 


T-stand / Large

    For delivery to countries other than Japan, please contact me first to discuss shipping fee.
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