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Feel Japan on your desk!

This is the best item for lovers of Japanese culture.


193 products are made by real tatami mat materials.

The main materials of tatami is a rush straw(stemlike leaf).


In standard, real tatami mat is made by woven 7000 rush straws by a skilled tatami manufacturer. “Aging” is also the attractive point of tatami. After the rush straw get a suntan, the color of tatami turn from green of leaf into beautiful golden brown color.


<Castomize your mini tatami>


The standard size of this item is A4 size(210mm x 297mm).

If you want to change it, please message us through the contact form! >>

*Width (with color edge side) ~ 500mm   ×  Hight  ~ 500mm



Have a look at the photos in the galary and choose your favorite one.

mini Tatami mat

    For delivery to countries other than Japan, please contact me first to discuss shipping fee.
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