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Spread tatami everywhere like a Yoga mat!

This mat is thin and light that you can bring around to anywhere with you.

Made with a genuine tatami material that gives off realxing aroma.



-Size is order-made.

:Maximum size is 900mm×1800mm


-Various edge options

:Choose your favorite color and design from the pictures in the galary.


-Made of natural plant. The color of Tatami will be changed from green plant color to brown color. (after 3~6month)


Send me a message from message form.


Let me know <size> and <edge color>


Message Template


Title : Rolled Tatami mat order

Name : Taro

Size : 850mm × 1600mm (Edge side)

Edge Color : 37


Everywhere T-mat

SKU: 0001
    For delivery to countries other than Japan, please contact me first to discuss shipping fee.
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